Job Vacancy BRISIN Recruitment 2018 New Website/Portal & How to Apply – Check Now

Are you aware that BRISIN Recruitment 2018 New Website/Portal is now “” of which was “”. we wish to inform you that Federal has redirect it’s BRISIN Recruitment 2018 New Website/Portal to “” so if you have not applied and you have interested to apply then visit the FG BRISIN recruitment website/portal at “”.  “Please be informed that the brisin recruitment 2018 registration which before now has been on is being re-channelled to which is the BRISIN Employment Database portal.

How to Register on BRISIN Recruitment 2018 New Website/Portal

Here is guide on how to apply for BRISIN implementation in Nigeria (FCT pilot) Recruitment 2018 online as applicants that rather than using the previous used for the exercise, they should use Applicant are to check position he/she qualified for Before continue with registration, you are advised to strongly read through the INSTRUCTIONS & REQUIREMENTS very well. So calm down and take your time and read this article as it will be of help to you.

Initial 5000 to be employed on the following data and information collection, integration, distribution and management on all economic activities including but not limited to ;

  1. Demography,
  2. Commercial and productive activities,
  3. Service economy
  4. Migration both within and outside Nigeria
  5. Diaspora
  6. Urbanization buildings and their uses
  7. Health
  8. Education
  9. Labour, employed and unemployed
  10. Transportation
  11. Legal Documentations
  12. Finance
  13. Rural developments
  14. Motorizations, mobile and immobile Engine
  15. Spare part dealers and all type of maintenances
  16. GSM distribution and providers services, e.t.c

*Field of studies required

  • Computer Engineers, Demography, Computer Scientists, Banking and Finance, Public Administrations, International Relations, Business Administration, Mass Communication, Structural Engineering, Building Construction, Economics, English language, Project Development, Law, Accountancy, Information Technology, Sociology, Psychology, Statistics, Criminology, Health Education, Agricultural Science, Philosophy, Geology, Architecture, Carpentry and Woodwork, Mathematics, Etc.


  1. Masters and PHD Grade level 10 – 14
  2. HND / / BA etc Grade level 8 – 10
  3. ND / NCE Grade level 5 – 7
  4. SSCE / GCE/ Drivers Grade level 3 – 4

NOTE : The best selected candidates on each field would take a 2 weeks trainees trainer course in Italy, US and London.

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