Full Biography Of Prof. Kpolovie Peter James and His Research Publications

Who is Prof. Kpolovie Peter James? where is Prof. Kpolovie Peter James from and his research publication is what we will look into. Prof. Kpolovie Peter James is a professor of educational measurement and evaluation in the department of educational psychology in University of Port Harcourt. He is an accomplished product of University of Port Harcourt, and an expert in Psychological Testing.

He is Director of Academic Planning, Research and Control; and also the former Head of Department of Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counselling at the University. He won prestigious University of Port Harcourt School of Graduate Studies’ Silver Jubilee Award of Excellence in the year 2007, in addition to winning the Commonwealth Scholarship in the year 1994.

Prof. Kpolovie Peter James research interests include use of Information and Communication Technology in education and in data analyses; educational evaluation; improvement of human learning; educational management; and test development, validation and standardization.

Below are the titles and abstracts of some of Kpolovie Peter James publications that are available online.

  • Ololube, N. P.; Kpolovie, P. J. & Makewa, L. N. (2015).
    Handbook of Research on Enhancing Teacher Education with Advanced Instructional Technology. PA, USA: Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global).
  • Ololube, N. P.; & Kpolovie, P. J. (Eds.) (2012).
    Educational Management in Developing Economies: Cases ‘n’ school effectiveness and quality improvement. Saarbucken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
  • Kpolovie, P. J.; Obilor, I. E.; & Ololube, N. P. (2015).
  • Kpolovie, P. J, Oshodi, P. O, and Iwuchukwu, H. CONTINENTAL INEQUITIES IN LIFE EXPECTANCY. European Journal of Biology and Medical Science Research.
    Merits and worth of the National Open University of Nigeria as an educational intervention.
  • Ololube, N. P.; Major, N. B. & Kpolovie, P. J. (2015).
    Current Economic and Political Dispensation and Teacher Education Programs in Niger Delta Region: Means of Enhancing Teacher Education.
  • Kpolovie, P. J.; Joe, A. I. & Okoto, T. (2014).
    Academic Achievement Prediction: Role of Interest in Learning and Attitude towards School.
    International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE).
  • Joe, A. I.; Kpolovie, P. J.; Osonwa, K. E. & Iderima, C. E. (2014).
    Modes of admission and academic performance in Nigerian Universities.
    Merit Research Journal of Education and Review.
  • Kpolovie, P. J. & Onoshagbegbe, E. S. (2017). RESEARCH PRODUCTIVITY: h-INDEX AND i10-INDEX OF ACADEMICS IN NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES. International Journal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods.
  • Kpolovie, P. J. & Lale, N. E. S. (2017). GLOBALIZATION AND ADAPTATION OF UNIVERSITY CURRICULUM WITH LMSs IN THE CHANGING WORLD. European Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Kpolovie, P. J., Ewansiha, S., Esara, M. (2017). CONTINENTAL COMPARISON OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX (HDI). International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE).

Prof. Kpolovie Peter James Awards:

  • Prof. Kpolovie Peter James won 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards as Finalists in Education/Academic Category with the book EXCELLENT RESEARCH METHODS.
  • In the year 2017 he won Best Publication Award Winner by European/American Journals, sponsored by the European Center for Research, Training and Development with the book: STATISTICAL ANALYSIS WITH SPSS FOR RESEARCH.
  • Prof. Kpolovie Peter James is also the Internationally Ranked 77th Top Scientist in Nigeria on the basis of H-Index and Citation Index by the Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) and Google Scholar, 2015.
  • FELLOW of the Institute of Industrial Administration, 2017.
  • Distinct African Gold Award (DAGA); 2015; by Web Design Group (WDG) in collaboration with Peak Laurels Magazine.
  • Guest Lecturer Award; 2013; by Nigerian Army Education Corps (NAEC) at the Maiden NAEC Education Summit.
  • Prof. Kpolovie Peter James won Best Ph.D. Thesis Award; 2002; by the National Universities Commission (NUC).
  • Award of Academic Excellence; 2007; by University of Port Harcourt School of Graduate studies at its Silver Jubilee.
  • He also won Distinguished Alumnus Award of Honour; 2015; by the Faculty of Education, University of Port Harcourt at 40.

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